Zara and the Lion Series

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a christmas ornament hanging on a tree branch with green needles and pine cones
Little wool ornaments!!!
Now for sale!!
a christmas ornament hanging from a pine tree with a red hat on it's head
Lion ornaments!!
$15au or $9.88usd 100% wool 🖤
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Linja.. the lion ninja
#art #spookyart #halloweenaesthetic #halloweenart #charcoaldrawing #charcoalsketch #charcoalart
two black and white pictures of women with wolf heads on them, one is in the foreground
Halloween vibes
a drawing of two women and a wolf on a piece of paper next to some pumpkins
Scar + Simba Print | Mary Adams Art
a drawing of a lion on paper with a pencil in it's left hand
Fierce vibes
a woman standing next to a drawing of a lion in a room with white walls
Original is still available!
a black and white drawing of an animal's eye
Look closely
a person holding a pencil in front of a drawing of a lion
Pensive lion
Loving the realistic abstract juxtaposition
a drawing of a lion on paper next to some plants and a cup with a pen
The one that started it all 〰
a woman is drawing on a blackboard
Charcoal lion print 🖤
I call him pensive becsuse it looks like the lion is deep in thought 🤔🤔🤔
a woman holding up a dog photo in front of her face and looking at it
One of my favorites 🖤
Fine art giclee prints with hand torn edges 🙌🏼
a woman holding up an eye print in front of her face
Inner Strength 🖤
〰 Fine art prints available 〰
two black and white pictures on a wall next to plants
Scar + Simba
Fine art giclee prints available!!!