South African brunch ideas

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My gran’s pumpkin fritters | Pampoen koekies. SimplyDelicious blog, South African recipe!
Pampoenkoekies are traditional South African pumpkin fritters that are eaten either sweet with caramel or cinnamon sugar, or savory as an appetizer.
YUMMY TUMMY: Peri Peri Chicken Recipe / African Piri Piri Roast Chicken Recipe
These South African Doughnuts are gooey, sweet and very sticky - crisp on the outside and tender inside. Koeksisters
Cultured Palate --- Quick and easy South African Rusks
South African Pumpkin Fritters.
Combining two traditional South African family favourites into one delicious supper! These chicken a la king filled parsley pancakes are a winning combo!
pannekoek met kaneel-en-suiker (crepes with cinnamon sugar)
Soetsuur-boerewors   Jy benodig:  *1 x 440 g-blik pynappelringe, gedreineer (hou die sous eenkant)  *1 kg wors (enige wors is reg, maa...

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These marinated, slow roasted onions get soft and creamy on the inside and caramelize on the outside for a killer side dish. The aroma is so mouthwatering and everyone rave about them. Give them a try!
Fluffy Garlic Butter Breadsticks – Super soft, buttery Olive Garden-style breadsticks made easily from scratch!
Pizza Onion Rings
Cogumelos assados ​​em um molho bronzeado manteiga, alho e tomilho
Rou frikkadelle word in die oondbak gepak en die kerriepiesangsous oorgegooi. Dan bak tot gaar.
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms.  Made these last night - INCREDIBLE!  Couldn't stop eating them!
Balsamic Barbecued Beets
Vegetable Tian ~ Thinly sliced squash, zucchini, potatoes and tomatoes on a bed of onions with seasonings and cheese... a beautiful and delicious side dish!
Fried Chicken From Around the World
Bobotie, spiced mince baked with savoury custard, from South Africa