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Carp Fishing Over Spod Mix at Lahore with Danny Fairbrass
Check out our sloppy spod mix recipes and put more fish on the bank. From succulent sweetcorn - to maggots and pellets, here's a spod mix that will attract carp!
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How to Catch Catfish: Best Baits for Big Flatheads
That is One Big Flathead,Tommy caught this on Santee Cooper Reservoir.
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The Best Carp Bait Recipes Around
hemp seed for carp
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Carp Bait Recipe - How to catch carp with chicken feed.
Carp Bait Recipe - How to catch carp with chicken feed. - YouTube
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Making Homemade Catfish Bait
Best Ever Carp Fishing dough ball bait recipe. Free bait and lure Golden carp hunters - YouTube
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Rigs | Korda
with Jim Wilson
an info sheet describing the different types of fish in the ocean and how they are used to Fishing Tips - 4 Stars & Up / Fishing / Hunting & Fishing: Books
Flourescent pop-ups definitely seem to attract carp, they are very attractive in their own right and don't need to be used over baited area. More Info:
the different types of fishing lures and how they are used to hook them up
Boilies montaze