gold World Cup Coke bottle

Coca-Cola limited edition gold glass bottle honouring World Cup in the UK

ghoema hare

Pastels See's Fudge Recipe Pumpkin pie playdough instead of candy for a school treat pink cotton candy bars

South African Caramel Fudge

South African Caramel Fudge Ingredients 1 tin gram) condensed milk 1 tin of water (use the empty condensed milk tin as a measure) 6 cups 500 ml) sugar 3 tablespoons ml) flour teaspoon ml) salt teaspoon

Cadbury chocolate!

Top Deck was a milk chocolate bar topped with white chocolate - it was delicious! Each section of the bar was a different flavour (strawberry, caramel, turkish delight etc) Still available in Australia or via t'internet!

Sometimes nothing beats a piece of good biltong

Sometimes nothing beats a piece of good biltong. Our most popular snack - South Africa


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Lindt Lindor Tabletas

Lindt Lindor Tabletas

magnum ice cream! - loooove it!

they looked sooo delicious! gotta try the classic and almond flavor

Preserved Limes

Sublime Here is another splendidly simple recipe for preserving citrus fruit. I learned the method from Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess cookbook (an all time favorite!) Her recipe for Edith…


Devour this in my me time, so I dont have to share!