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Direction // look left, turn left; look right, turn right. I still find myself thinking this every time I take the bike out!

Most motorcyclists don’t need anything more than a sunny day to hop on their bikes and ride, but if you needed a little two wheel inspiration, here are 10 great motorcycle motivational posters.

Cool Tattoos

For anyone that is of the Christian faith, you may often wonder if there is a tattoo out there that would be considered "appropriate" to where. When it comes to Christians wearing tattoos, everyone seems to have an opinion.

35 cool & Amazing Cross Tattoos For Men

Here we collect The list of 35 cool & Amazing Cross Tattoos For Men. Cross Tattoos are fashionable all throughout history and it doesn’t seem like the look can

Praying Hands Tattoo. Getting this when I get the money! Dad has already approved<3 Going to get everything except the clouds. Going on my right shoulder blade!!!!! :D

One tattoo that you may want to consider is the praying hands tattoo. The praying hands tattoo consist of two hands in the action of praying. The praying hands tattoo can be worn for a variety of different reasons. Praying hands tattoo designs are a.