My National Geographic Photos

Some of my photos featured in National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic News Watch (via the Wild Bird Trust).
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Playful baby Rhino

"A very playful baby white rhinoceros calf having fun with the wildlife. The ostriches and warthogs didn't enjoy the game as much as the mischievous little rhino". Photograph by Martin Heigan.

Saddle-billed Stork

Saddle-billed Stork by Martin Heigan - Photo 75261091 -

Nicobar Pigeon

Caloenas nicobarica - Nicobar Pigeon - Nicobar à camaïl (Small islands from the Bay of bengale to the Solomons and Palau)

Blue-bellied Roller

Portrait of a Blue-bellied Roller: Caracas cyanogaster; Featured in National Geographic - Wild Bird Trust - Photograph by Martin Heigan

Natal Spurfowl (Francolin).

Natal Spurfowl (Francolin) at Marakele National Park (Limpopo Province, South Africa). Featured in National Geographic

Dead Vlei photo as seen on National Geographic by Martin_Heigan, via Flickr

Petrified Camel Thorn Trees (Acacia erioloba) in the salt pan at Dead Vlei (Sossusvlei, Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia).

Petrified Camel Thorn Trees (Acacia erioloba) in the salt pan at Dead Vlei (Sossusvlei, Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia).

Southern Carmine Bee-eater

Southern Carmine Bee-eater (Photographed in Mapungubwe National Park, situated at the point of confluence where the borders of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe meet). Photo by Martin Heigan

Feed us please...!

Thick-billed Weaver or Grosbeak Weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons) chicks begging for food in an Acacia Tree. They are old enough to be out of the nest, but young enough to get away with being fed every now and then. Featured in "National Geographic

Helmeted guineafowl looks like a prehistoric dinosaur close-up. They breed naturally in Africa (S of the Sahara), but have been widely introduced into the West Indies, Brazil, Australia and S France.

Lilac-breasted Roller

"Photo happy" Lilac-breasted rollers are one of the most photographed birds in the world and are widely distributed in the open woodlands and savanna of subSaharan Africa and the S Arabian Peninsula.

Dragonfly Macro

A Dragonfly drying its wings after a rain shower.

Jackal Buzzard by Martin Heigan on

Ostrich walking through the amazing wild flowers of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape (South Africa). They are the largest bird on earth and are now farmed extensively.

Portrait of a Marabou Stork. The most beautiful ugly birds on earth. These amazing storks truly understand the African bush and thrive within protected .

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