Judith Doubell Somerkersfees Koos du Plessis

Christmas words in Afrikaans - Wolcome Oh Silent night of piece under the southerncross -Judith Doubell Somerkersfees Koos du Plessis

Judith Doubell Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon

Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon. {trade your reindeer for a donkey, and your sleigh for a donkey cart}

don't ask if you don't speak Afrikaans :)

Go Bokke and the BEST for Saturdays game - believe in yourselves you can do it on 5 Sept

That's Afrikaans and I remember it from my childhood.  The childish wordplay was after ####tion suction "After action, satisfaction."  #Vintage South African Cigarette #advertisement ~ from the early 90's.

South African Cigarette advert from the early "After action, satisfaction.