Love old farmhouses with windmills. I am sure it was a luxury to have a windmill do the work of pumping water.

Stock Photo titled: Dirt Road To Remote Farmhouse And Windmill In Utah Desert, unlicensed use prohibited

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Windmills, Pumping, Wind Mills

'n windpomp, plaasdam en doringdraad - kannie meer Suid Afrikaans plaas as dit kry nie

Things people miss about Oklahoma when they move ~ A Good Storm. A windmill and supercell storm in Leedey, Oklahoma, USA.

Richtersveld, Northern Cape, South Africa: This is one of the hottest places. But the plants are very interesting and you have the Orange River to cool off. Watch out for the monkeys !

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We love the Karoo! magnificent shot taken by photographer on his Karoo farm. What a privilege!

Windmills, Wind Mills