Namaqualand – South Africa’s Daisy Sensation

Namaqualand is dry for most of the year, an arid almost desert landscape which extends along South Africa’s western coast for 600 miles. Yet when the rains are good, something like a miracle happens. Water, the driving force of all nature, soaks in to the parched earth.
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Little wonder that the insect life goes in to something of a breeding frenzy during the time of the daisies.

An Ostrich walking through the amazing wild flowers of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape (South Africa). They are the largest bird on earth and are now farmed extensively. Photo by Martim Heigan

From the west coast of South Africa’s turbulent Atlantic coastline up to the little town of Garies in the south and the Orange River in the north Namaqualand languidly stretches

If you think Africa is all about the desert, you should meet Namaqualand, on the border of South Africa and Namibia. After the rain period in August, lots of daisies bloom in this famously arid place. It's a pretty sight!

It is in the later part of that month that the explosion of life happens.

Namaqualand – South Africa’s Daisy Sensation ~ Kuriositas

South Africa’s Daisy Sensation

The wild flowers of Namaqualand. Orange flowers: Dimorphotheca sinuata (Local Name: Namaqua Daisies) Light Yellow flowers: Grielum humifusum (Local Name: Pietsnotjie) Purple flowers: Drosanthemum flo

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