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Drilling holes to turn an old hose into a sprinkler or soaker.

The next time your garden hose wears out, don't throw it away! Instead recycle or repurpose it into something useful or decorative. From sprinklers to vases to wreaths, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to the Free Online Permaculture Design Course The world’s first free online permaculture design course. The complete 72+ hour curriculum is now available completely without charge together with some amazing interviews on sustainable living and intentional community design from some of the world’s greatest educators.

Welcome to the Worlds First FREE Online Permaculture Design Course Complete hour curriculum is now available completely without fee. Register and start watching these extraordinary lectures today!

Rain Water Harvesting System:

Water collection, drainage and filtration system, for indoor use as well as outdoor.

Ram Pump - How To Pump Water Without Electricity

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100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel - If you want filtered water right from a rain barrel this is for you. For gardening, rainwater is, naturally, best unfiltered, But for household use, the vintage book says the following instructions yield a cheap and easy way to make a filter just as good as a patent filter costing 10 times as much.

Links to 100 year old homestead book with tons of interesting homestead/survival techniques.

Sustainable Living Inspiration - Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd - Australia |

Sustainable Living Ideas by Atlantis Water Management. Ok if this was me I would build a few barrels underground and store water in them or have a valve that can fill it back up when turned on.