marizelle van nieuwenhuizen

marizelle van nieuwenhuizen

marizelle van nieuwenhuizen
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Love lace. If I could pull off high waist shorts I'd do this.

A little lace never killed nobody! Lace is super cute and it provides a nice vintage vibe for any outfit. The way the lace top is paired with the high-waisted denim shorts is so perfect.

Look how blue and clear and cool that water looks on a hot summer day.makes you want to just jump in and emerse yourself in it!

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carnival by Jovana Rikalo. There's just something about a carnival, fair, festival at night with all those lights.It just makes me feel something.

SO WORTH LOVING // There is something to be said about clothing that conveys a wonderful message; I know how hard it is to embrace your flaws and be confident, it took me years to do,.