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Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside. Read Recipe by

Caricke se witgoud (Melkkos)

Landbouweekblad editor Arina du Plessis shares her quick and easy Melkkos recipe. This traditional South African dessert is primarily made from milk.

Kobie se maklike pannekoek

South African Pancakes with Sugar and Cinnamon is the perfect thing for a rainy day in Cape Town. Here it often rains softly for days on end, and we need a little comfort food to remind us that the sun isn't far away.

RSG - Dis die een! || Resepte || Hertzogkoekies

Ingredients: 500 ml cake flour 10 ml baking powder pinch salt 25 ml sugar 125 g margarine 3 large eggs, separated 40 ml cold water 200 ml white sugar 400 ml coconut Apricot .