Love old farmhouses with windmills. I am sure it was a luxury to have a windmill do the work of pumping water.

Stock Photo titled: Dirt Road To Remote Farmhouse And Windmill In Utah Desert, unlicensed use prohibited

Karoo farm with windmill and Aloes, South Africa

Proudly South African - Karoo Aloe - a beautiful deep red when in bloom

A fence in the Karoo by Robert Southey

A fence in the Karoo by Robert Southey. The Karoo is a semi-desert natural region of South Africa.

Karoo, South Africa

The Karoo is synonymous with Windmills - (in Afrikaans - windpomp) you see them scattered over the landscape Karoo - meaning dry & arid region - is dependent on water (Windmills are the source of life)

Karoo sunset -- South Africa

Karoo sunset -- South Africa -- reminds me of the Texas Panhandle

Between here and nowhere in the Karoo.

The Karoo landscape lingers forever in your mind. "the place of thirst" as it was described first. My HARTLAND.

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