Maritsa van der Walt

Maritsa van der Walt

Maritsa van der Walt
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High Intensity SEATED CARDIO + Bodyweight STRENGTH | 25 Minute Full Length HIIT Home Workout - YouTube

Get ready for a quick and fun CARDIO workout, where there’s not just no jumping, there’s NO STANDING! This high heart rate SEATED cardio workout is better th.

10 days in Bali Itinerary | With 10 days in Bali, you can be sure you can take everything at an easy pace (lucky you!) and be able to cover all the must visit places in Bali and try out some of the things to do in Bali as well. In this itinerary you will find yourself relaxing at one of the best beaches of Bali, eating the best foods of Bali, catching the famous Kecak Dance performance, visiting two of the best temples in Bali. |

For a 10 days Bali itinerary, you can be sure you can take everything at an easy pace. Our itinerary will help you in planning a trip to Bali.

She had sunflowers for eyes and fireworks in her soul. The world told her she needed more. She replied, "you're wrong, my dear. I'm whole." -S.C Lourie

She had Sunflowers for Eyes and Fireworks in her Soul ~ The World told her she needed more ~ She replied, "you're wrong, my dear. Lourie/Butterflies and Pebbles