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Michael Steinagle

Michael Steinagle happy painterly colors in hats and ingenuitive minimal fabric manipulation

♥ The Sea of Cortez, to swim with Humpbacks, Mantas and Sharks                                                                                                                                                     More

♥ Humpback Whale, Sea of Cortez Vintage and antique beach and coastal home decor…

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Discus Malboro White Face--Wow, would love to see one like this in real life. Most discus have patterns on the sides.

) Selective breeding has resulted in diverse colour and patterning variation amongst discus species. From the original three species of wild fish, Discus have been line bred and hybridised to produce some stunning.

Lightning Whelk Shell | Seashells | Beach Shells - buy the sea

The Lightning Whelk shell - This particular species is unusual in that they have a counter clockwise shell spiral and are sometimes know as left handed whelks.

"Flatlanders" 48 x 36 oil on canvas.

Flatlanders - Peter Batchelder : : New England Based Contemporary Fine Artist