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an image of colorful fabric with fan design on black background, close - up photo
The Meaning of Traditional Japanese Patterns - Polina Couture
a book cover with an image of japanese fans
The Meaning of patterns on Japanese Fabrics
the cover of boro by david sorgato, with an image of squares and rectangles
the text free sashko embroidery patterns - set 2 about embroidery on a blue background
Try Japanese Embroidery with 8 Free Sashiko Patterns
the black and white pattern is on top of an off - white fabric with small circles
rules and the breaking thereof
an image of a bag made out of fabric and the same pattern as it appears
a piece of fabric that has been stitched together with scissors and thread on it
an animal is depicted on a blue background with circles and dots in the shape of a rat
the instructions for how to make an origami butterfly with scissors and threads
Correct Sashiko Stitching & Common Errors | Stitches shouldn’t cross on the front side of fabric - space the stitches when pattern lines meet, so they don’t touch. The intersections of these kinds of designs usually need to be open. A stitch must end right at the turn of a corner so the pattern will be nicely defined. When you carry the thread across the back of your work to move to next section or make a sharp turn, leave a tiny loop on the back to avoid puckering.
a close up of a piece of fabric with a rabbit on it's side
Not another one...
The Bloggings Of Mrs Bertimus: Not another one...
a women's dress and top sewing pattern
Trading Vlog
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