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three wooden shelves with vases and flowers on them in front of a gray wall
DIY Pallet! Makes a great wall feature in any room and so easy to change out decor for a new look!
a wooden box sitting on top of a green floor next to a person standing in front of a motorcycle
DIY Wooden Chest/Bench from Pallets
three vases with flowers in them sitting on the stairs next to some string wrapped balls
'Love' wine bottle set. Twine and yarn wrapped wine bottles for a great rustic set. Wine bottle craft. DIY
some cheeses are on a tray and one is cut in half
witandwhistle DIY Chalkboard platter
a white flower sitting on top of a wooden table
Made from plastic cool
four different pictures showing the process of making decorative wall hangings
NameBright - Domain Expired
Make a Mirror from Plastic Spoon