Lemon fridge tart

Lemon fridge tart - this looks so easy!

South African Recipes LAMINGTONS (YSTERVARKIES) (Renée van Vuuren)

page of traditional Australian recipes and brief history- pavlova, meat pie, damper, anzac biscuits

South African Recipes | BILTONG

DIY biltong - because South African biltong beats jerky on every level.

Melkkos. Trying tonight for the kids.

Melkkos (directly translated - milk food) an old tradisional South African dish for cold and rainy days!

Muesli-rusks - similar to Woollies rusks

Muesli Rusks

Easy muesli rusks recipe with raisins, seeds and buttermilk. Learn how to make homestyle muesli rusks from scratch.

South African Recipes PANCAKES (PANNEKOEK)

Oil *Optional: 1 tablespoon cinnamon 4 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon lemon juice or brandy

South African Recipes  KOEKSISTERS (Wenresepte 3, pg 197)

I had these in South Africa. They are divine!

pap and sous

Mielie Pap and Sous (Maize Meal served with tomato and onion relish) - this is the traditional accompaniment to most braais in South African


Tradisionele melkkos wat van snysels gemaak is, is voorheen skertsend stingelom-die-smoel.