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Mariette de Bruyn

Mariette de Bruyn
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What kid won't love this? Squirt guns and baking soda volcanoes all in one fun science activity!

Squirt Gun Science easy science for kids. Put drops of food coloring under a layer of baking soda. Fill a squirt gun with vinegar and shoot! Cool variation of making mini volcanoes with colored vinegar

Free printable bridal shower games!

Now that's what I like--an organized bridal shower. Shower Gift Bingo--a great way to keep people involved.

Bridal Shower Game idea - What's in Your Purse

31 game Contact me for thirty one products and booking parties and these could be at your party! Happy Shopping :) this is a cute game and would be quick to play

the kids love it!

Oh yes - now I can be a HYT by being down with texting lingo! I found this school pocket folder with the Periodic Text Message Table on it. So not only can I read some of those text messages that c.

List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence

Interesting List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence. I think I will take a few of these for the kids chore charts!


Rainbow slime is so much fun for kids. Do you know that you can actually make your own rainbow slime? Here is a recipe to make nice rainbow slime and what you