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the rock formations look like they have been carved out of rocks and are surrounded by trees
Heart of Calanches de Piana~ Corsica, France
a helicopter flying over the ocean with a heart shaped coral reef in front of it
Real Simple: Home Decor Ideas, Recipes, DIY & Beauty Tips
Great Barrier Reef, Australia
a heart is drawn in the sand at sunset on the beach with waves coming in
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.Love on the beach
a dandelion with the words in spanish on it and a quote about love
Joni Express: Photo
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a large lake surrounded by mountains in the middle of autumn time with lots of trees around it
Lago di Scanno-Italy. #heart shaped lake
a peacock's feathers with a blue heart in the center
PTK Designs: products on Zazzle
A gorgeous peacock feather with a turquoise and blue heart shaped eye. #peacocks #peacockfeathers #blueandyellow #birds