jawbreakers are a big sweet that are different sizes and are very bad for your teeth. You should only lick them and eat them like once a year because then you would have rotten teeth.

Every kid loves a Candy Necklace.

Yep, candy necklaces were the best.


Bollie - kid's animated comic book story in Afrikaans.

Wilsons Toffies (South Africa - Afrikaans)

Wilsons Toffies (South Africa - Afrikaans) I bought one of these for an afternoon at the cinema !


I guess this qualifies as an 'antique'.even the prices are 'antique'! Good old days, eh?

Só onthou ek Suid-Afrika | Watter kind het nie sy algemene kennis verbeter met Chappies nie? En ure se kou genot.

Chappies is an iconic South African brand.


Nicker Balls - we bought 8 for a penny!

wilson toffees!

wilson toffees!


appelkosies/ apricot sweets/ childhood/ memories/ onthou/ remember this