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classic buttermilk rusks

a classic buttermilk rusk recipe

I needed a classic buttermilk rusk recipe to make rusks for my TV shoot last week, and where better to turn for this than my much revered and sought after: ‘The Snowflake Book of Ba…

Muesli Rusks

Nourishing Muesli Rusks Recipe Easy Perfect for Tea Time

Nourishing and warming, especially with a cuppa tea or coffee!

Buttermilk Rusks ( Karringmelk Beskuit)

Buttermilk Rusks ( Karringmelk Beskuit)

Buttermilk rusks


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Health rusks

Health Rusks

I just love rusks! Most of you probably won't know what a rusk is. The Wikipedia definition for a rusk is a hard, dry, biscuit or a twice baked bread. I would say it is very similar to a biscotti, but not as sweet! We eat our rusks after we have dipped it in a cup of hot tea or coffee! Rusks can be eaten for breakfast as a late morning or afternoon snack, or even when traveling when you stop for a coffee or tea break. There are quite a selection of rusk recipes out there but this one is my…

buttermilk rusks

Buttermilk Bran Rusks

Try your hand at making this South African treat yourself with the help of Hulett's. A healthier twist on the traditional buttermilk rusks recipe.