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two pictures of clothes hanging on the door and one has a pink flower in it
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This is a nice looking scarf holder. Now if only I knew how to crochet! haha!
several crocheted doily laying on a table next to a potted plant
Crocheted Coat Hanger Covers - Free Crochet Patterns
a pink knitted umbrella with flowers on it hanging from a hook in a wall
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Dress hanger Clothes hanger Lingerie Hanger Crochet padded satin handmade, custom made Shabby chic pink lingerie dress hanger
four crocheted pieces of yarn next to each other on a white surface with a ball of thread in the background
Crochet Clothes Hangers
It’s been way too long and I won’t let that happen again. It just seems that everything I do is in a bit of a knot and I find it hard to get that knot untangled. I need to get things st…
three crocheted items sitting on top of each other
DIY by Design
DIY by Design: September 2012