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an image of different colored pencils on a white surface with pink and blue writing
colored_pencil_eye_tutorial. by Lady2 on DeviantArt
colored_pencil_eye_tutorial. by on @deviantART promo by Art Ed Central
the back cover of an article with different lines and colors on it, including black and white
Eye Tutorial
Eye Tutorial by *Shimon-Ifraimov on deviantART
an eye is shown in the middle of three different lines, each with their own image
If you've been following this board and practicing everything you should be a professional at drawing eyes by now. I saw yet another style and had to pin it. COMMENT HERE for anything specific you want to know how to draw, or any specific technique you want help mastering
an image of lines that have been drawn on paper
How To Draw an Eye by Simiko on DeviantArt
best Eye drawing reference.....Art Ed Central
how to draw an eye step by step instructions for drawing eyes with pencils and markers
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Drawing Eyes - have this on your board along with the other ones on self-portrait day!
Broken Eye... by ~CJDevil on deviantART #drawing #pencils #Art pls visit us > ♡ Horror, Eyes, Quotes, Empath, Paranormal, Darkness, Deviantart, Artist, Work
Broken Eye... by CJDevil on DeviantArt
Broken Eye... by ~CJDevil on deviantART #drawing #pencils #Art pls visit us > ♡
central sectoral heterochromia
central sectoral heterochromia