Hermanus, South Africa

I get to go here for a SECOND time in a year this Christmas. The perfect place to relax after those early mornings and late nights on safari "Hermanus, South Africa"


Hermanus - a small seaside holiday resort renowned for its incredible whale-watching opportunities ! A few hours drive from Cape Town.


Winds and Whale vanes! Only in Hermanus, South Africa.

Hermanus Photo Gallery

Hermanus Photo Gallery Rainbow God always with Me Rainbow Forever & Ever (Rainbow) 😉❤💛💚💙🌈

Hugo Naudé -  'Hermanus seascape'

Hugo Naudé - 'Hermanus seascape'

Oh Crumbs! Bakery hermanus  Photo - J Cook

Oh Crumbs! Bakery hermanus Photo - J Cook

Hermanus Wandelpaaie

Hermanus Wandelpaaie

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