kiwano fruit or the horned melon. Pick green allow to ripen, it tastes like kiwi - cucumber mix. Pick when fully ripe tastes like banans.

Passion Fruit - Strangest Fruits

5 Exotic Fruits we should be Eating - Divine Glowing Health


I don’t know about you but i have never seen any of these weird fruits before. Check out 10 Most Strangest Fruits around the world


Kimberly Snyder - Pitaya (dragon fruit) the new exotic fruit with extreme health benefits.


Have you tried a durian fruit? Indonesian delicacy that smells like a dirty diaper and tastes like custard.


Ackee Ackee - The fruit of a West African tree, named in honor of Captain Bligh who introduced it to Jamaica . The ackee fruit is brigh.

Custard Apple

Cherimoya (aka custard apple) is a south american fruit. It's texture is like sherbet. It tastes like a combination of Pears, pineapple and strawberry

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