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Hand drawn CLOTHESPIN animals! Occupational therapy fine motor hand strength OT SPED prek 1 2 3 4
Your students need this FUN, unique resource to work on hand strength and matching by using clothes pin to match the missing body part to beautifully HAND DRAWN animals! This resource contains animals that are disconnected into two pieces (ie: parrot / tail, toucan / beak, tiger / tail). Attach a clothespin to the missing body part, and students match the part to the animal. Once printed and put together, you can use this in SO many ways, with so many ages and abilities!
a white paper bag with children's drawings on it
Cuidemos el planeta
Hoy día mundial del Medio Ambiente, preparamos un mural para mostrar las diferentes formas de proteger nuestro planeta
the road with shops and stores on it is shown in this flat style, which includes buildings
Small town urban landscape stock vector. Illustration of template - 54132307
an octopus and other animals in the ocean with text that reads 8 dejunio dia mundo
Fotos De Claudia Erales En Medio S N D3B
Fotos De Claudia Erales En Medio S N D3B
a close up of a plant in a pot with text overlay reading echeveria silver spoons'echeveria rumonii toppy tupey turfy care and propagan tips
Types Of Succulents And Cactus Plants |
a small potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Garden Music™ Senecio ‘String of Raindrops’
a sign that says multiplicaciones de collages hanging on the wall
Multiplicaciones de colores
He visto muchas ideas en Pinterest para trabajar las tablas de multiplicar y como estamos empezando de lleno con ellas, no he dudado en llev...
several different shapes and sizes of sticks on a table next to a blue container with strawberries
2D Shape Activities for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
a poster showing how to do the splits in an exercise routine with instructions for each step
HealthFitnessJoy - Health | Fitness | Healthy Living
Sesión rápida para ponerse en forma: Cardio y peso corporal