Marí Borstlap

Marí Borstlap

Cape Town / Theatre Director/Writer/Designer. Lover of Beautiful Things. Dreamer of Big Dreams. Daughter. Sister. Mother. Friend. Human. Soul.
Marí Borstlap
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Cornflake, you are something else really. If I do not want to tell you something, then I do not need to tell you. And you brought up this woman and that just got me mad. I'm your little girl. Me. I'm sorry if I cause most of our arguments. And yes you can leave, maybe I don't want you around any further because all you do is stress me out. Over and over again we just stress each other out and I hate it. I don't need this. Just give me a break.

SO SWEET. Charles put roses in the house to surprise Allie. God I want a boyfriend like him.

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model/photographer Nuria Val ( describes herself as a “restless globetrotter.” When asked about her motivations, the artist says simply, “I hope I can inspire the people to.

see, worn, kept

see, worn, kept

OMNIA ODDITIES - Antiqued Silver Celestial Lunar Oracle. WAAAANNNTTT

The Oddities of Omnia Studios: Celestial Lunar Oracle ring with deeply antiqued sterling silver, white topaz accent.

Lunar Phases Talisman

The+Lunar+Phases+Talisman+(*Sold+Out!*)+-+A+Rare+and+Genuine+Moon+Talisman+that+is+also+a+Lunar+Calendar!+The+Lunar+Phases+Talisman A+rare+and+genuine+Moon+Talisman Another+unique+creation+designed+in+collaboration+with+our+astrologer+Michael+Ofek.

A rare 16th century gold sundial and compass ring, possibly German, circa 1570 The hinged oval bezel designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arms, opening to reveal a sundial and compass.

A rare century gold sundial and compass ring, circa possibly German. The hinged oval bezel was designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arms, opening to reveal a sundial and compass on a plain gold hoop.