Maria van der Vyver

Maria van der Vyver

Maria van der Vyver
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country line dancing

Country Line introduce this to your husband and he becomes so hooked that he actually has you line dancing at the fair. That's definitely how you know the guy you're with is a keeper. I love my husband!

Africa | Rhinos in South Africa | ©Dawn Valdez.

Rhinos rhinoceros laying down sleeping - South Africa 2011 - Thornybush Game Reserve So called 'white ' rhino which is derived from the afrikaans 'wyd ' or wide rhino because of the shape of the mouth !

Africa | A Family of White Rhinos, the Female with a Massive Horn; Mweiga, Solio, Kenya | © Nigel Pavitt

Family of White Rhinos. Some subspecies are critically endangered. Largest of the 5 rhino species averaging largest land mammal after elephants.