Marie Duddle

Marie Duddle

When I need encouragement I come to Pinterest where I am reminded that my boat is so small and God's ship is so big.
Marie Duddle
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This large tropical moth is known in Mexico as the mariposa de muerte (butterfly of death). Its lore dates back to the Aztecs. A sighting in one’s home represents a recently deceased loved one visiting the living—or an omen of impending death for someone who’s ill.

This well-known death superstition states that deaths, especially those of the famous, occur in groups of three.

Spiritual enlightenment is a period of immense spiritual growth. It develops in us a profound understanding of the universe and our higher self. It is a richly complex phenomenon that transports us to a sacred world

The idea of being enlightened was heavily used in this book. Some people like the boatman and Buddha were already enlightened while people like Siddharta wanted to be enlightened. At the end of the book, Siddhartha achieves his goal and is enlightened.