Marian Madejski

Marian Madejski

I am someone that loves spoiling my loved ones. I cry easily and get heartbroken easily. I love being at home doing the things that I love most.
Marian Madejski
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I'm a great reader of people, for sure. Don't try to pull a fast one on me!

I'm not a big zodiac believer, but this does describe me pretty well!

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Zodiac Cancer on a bad day. "very vulgar in speaking" HAHAHAHA that is soooooo true. but only on a really bad day.

I am not the mean person and don't attack...unless defending myself. Who wants to ever intentionally try to hurt people?!

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Of course I'm a Cancer, but this describes me too well!!

I don't believe in this, but this one was creepy because its how I want to be treated while still having all the works in a relationship!

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zodiac society: cancer yes.not saying i believe in the zodiac and stuff but most of the 'cancer' stuff is true about me.

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Cancer Many people find Cancers emotional and weak, but send them over the edge and you will see how strong they really are.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign just because they are being nice to you, doesn't mean they trust you.