Mariana de Necker

Mariana de Necker

Mariana de Necker
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Dutch oven peasant soup

If you've never tried Broccoli Rabe, it's a bitter, strong flavored, leafy vegetable often used in Southern Italian cooking.


I used this poster as a model for an anchor chart. The students gave me ideas for the labels with my "help." I have launched many reading lessons off this poster. it's a visual reminder for my students.

Get your groups in shape with the GROUPS poster and bulletin board set.

I think it's important to have classroom rules and expectations up around the classroom so the students have reminders about acceptable behavior. I would probably hang this by a group work area in a classroom for a younger grade.

Graph Bulletin Board to Track Reading Minutes; change to track # of books for 40 book challenge

Track reading goals/minutes read on class bulletin board. Add photos and incentives to encourage students!- make individual bar graph for STAR binders for students to track reading throughout year.