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a garden with lots of plants and gravel
44+ Best Landscaping Design Ideas Without Grass - No Grass Backyard
Landscaping the Yard Without Grass: Alternatives to the Manicured Lawn 116
an outdoor garden with stepping stones and plants
Backyard Garden Ideas for a Stunning Oasis
Backyard Garden Ideas for a Stunning Oasis - Puqqu
a garden with many different types of trees and shrubs
1. Spruce rough 7. Spruce 'Nidiformis' 2. The English physocarpus 'Darts Gold' 8. Japanese Spiraea 'Goldmound' 3. Juniperus communis 'Cracovica' 9. The European larch ‘Pendula’ 4. Pinus sylvestris 'Watereri' 10. Yew 5. The English physocarpus 'Diabolo' 11. Violet Pansy or Pansy 6. The cuff is soft ‘Auslese’ + Tulip 12. Cypress spurge
a garden with lots of different types of plants and trees in it's borders
Mixed privacy hedge
two palm trees on the side of a hill
19 Beautiful Dwarf Ornamental Trees For Containers and Small Gardens!
Perfect for driveways and containers growing Dwarf Ornamental Trees is one of the best ways to add an appeal to the architectural design of your home!
orange and red flowers with green leaves in the background
This is the bougainvillea bush I am greeted by on my way to catch the train. It is most lively and almost makes me feel better about the journey ahead. I would like to have one of my own.
a garden with blue and white flowers in the center, surrounded by greenery on both sides
6 Ultimate gardening tips for spring