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Yea but I know that my boo got s me yea she not giving in now but I know she will when were together I'm never going to get rid of my boo she might get rid of me but I'll never stop luving her

Because in every relationship there comes a point when the damage is too much and no matter how good it once was the memories can't sustain you. You have to save yourself knowing all the while it hurls like hell, because you can't keep giving someone ever

Be mindful honey <3

Toxic people will hurt you and then try to make you feel bad that you are mad or hurt or upset. It's known as blame shifting. Instead of taking accountability for their own actions, they blame you for "having feelings." Abusive people do this


This isn't meaning material things, it means 'real' things needed for a loving, treasured and respectful relationship. Deeds, qualities, thoughts and characteristics of a decent and mature man who has a loving and good heart.

Once you admit your faults...he can never use them against you and leave you alone.

The reason I finally left was your fault. He attacked me, my son, hurt his own son & terrified my daughter. Evil scum Corey Kaine/Graham, burn in hell. Come near my children and you'll be the one to regret it, that's not a threat it's a promise.