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a watercolor painting of blue flowers on white paper in a wooden frame with the words campbellia barbatta
three rocks with plants growing out of them on a white surface, one is made to look like an antelope
a card made with sea glass and a tree on the front, surrounded by green leaves
a white frame with some blue flowers in it
a framed artwork with flowers in it on a tree branch and the words,'love is
a white frame holding a heart made out of sea glass
a christmas wreath made out of green leaves and red ribbon hanging in a gold frame
a frame with a starfish and sea glass wreath on it's side in front of a white wall
a christmas tree made out of paper with a red bow on it's head
Sea Glass Christmas Tree on Sheet Music
a small potted plant made out of sea glass in a shadow box frame on the wall
a blue and white vase with flowers in it on a card saying happiness blooms from within