My most searched recipe and most requested by friends and family! South Africa... Crunchies were my favorite “biscuit”—the South African term for cookie

Crunchies - Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars


Lag wanneer jy kan, sê jammer as jy moet, laat gaan wat jy nie kan verander nie

"Eish!" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!"

" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!" This is a pdf card you could print or email to friends.

The Clock Tower, Cape Town at the V Waterfront

Waterfront - Clocktower (Cape Town) - Victoria & Alfred Waterfront - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clarens, Free State.

Looking up at a wind mill in Clarens, Free State, South Africa

Amarula - South Africa!

Marula Oil, obtained from the butter-yellow mango-like fruit of a southern African tree, is nourishing, hydrating, and naturally softens and revitalizes the skin.

South African Flag. From Afrolemodele

African Savanna Elephant (African Bush Elephant) - Loxodonta africana - The largest of the three species of elephant, L africana lives in varied habitats from desert to high rain forests.

New Wonderful Photos: Aloe Perfoliata

Photo of Aloe perfoliata (Syn. Aloe mitriformis) at the University of California Botanical Garden, taken July 2006 by User:Stan Shebs