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Miniature Fairy Garden Sandcastle Sculptures, Set of 3 Whether you’re just starting your fairy garden or have been building one for years, these fun castles are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Miniature Fairy Garden Beach Glass Pebbles, Color Choices, Ocean These pebbles are great for making little rivers or the outline of the sea.

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Miniature Fairy Garden Pail & Shovel Beach Set You cannot go to the beach without a pail and shovel for the children.

Miniature Lounge Chair Begin creating the Oceanside beach scene, by placing a layer of landscape fabric on top of the soil and spreading white sand generously on top.

Fairy Garden Miniature Flip Flops Any fairy will be a hit at the beach with these flip-flops.

Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy Brook Fairy Brook comes on a mini stake so she can stand on her tippy toes in your garden.

Miniature Fairy Garden Lacy Hammock I need one of these. Size: 5.25″ Long x 2″ Wide with 4″ High Hooks.

Tent with Flower Accent and Home Sweet Home Sign This Fairy Garden Accessories is so sweet. Gnomes and Fairies just love to go camping.

Miniature Fairy Garden Camper Trailer This Bohemian theme trailer comes with a hitch, two rolling wheels, and a door with a top section that opens.

Miniature Fairy Garden BBQ Grill Create a summertime miniature garden by designing a backyard patio complete with a BBQ Grill.