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Miniature Fairy Garden Tree House This could be a house for a fairy or a gnome. Add some garden chairs and perhaps one of your starter kits and you have a whole new fairy garden.

Fairy Gardening Log House Fairy Home This is part of the Fiddlehead village collection and measures 6″ long.

Gnome Garden Starter Accessory Kit Fairies and Gnomes are friends. You could make two gardens, one for the fairy and the other for the Gnome.

Fairy Garden Starter Accessory Kit Create a secret little spot just for your little fairy in a flower pot.

Fairy Garden Slide Fairies love to play when they are not hard at work. Give them this slide to enjoy whenever they can.

Mini Bicycle, Green Fairies or Gnomes can ride this bicycle. The basket in front is for collecting bread and other pastries from the bakery.

Mini Mailbox Pick Fairies and Gnomes receive mail too, so please ensure that they each have their own mailbox.