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Amazing Kitchen Gadgets – iPad Fridge Mount Easily mount your iPad to your refrigerator. Having an iPad in the kitchen is extremely useful for anyone who regularly cooks. It gives you fast and easy access to millions of cooking websites and recipes as well as tonnes of cooking videos that are available on the web. Can also be hung on Non-Magnetic Surfaces using screws (Not included) or double sided tape.

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets – Melon Slicer This melon slicer is great for summer gatherings with family and friends. In South Africa where the weather is hot over December, watermelons are part of the Christmas get-togethers. This slicer is perfect and everybody gets the same size melon.

Colored Lime Margarita Salt Simply wet the edge of your glass and dip into the salt for a new twist on the usual garnish. Pretty colours for pretty drinks. These are just salt, like regular margarita salt, but in different colors. It is very appealing look on the glass and has a lime flavor to compliment your cocktails.

Zipstrip Herb Stripper & SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray Combo Pak Stripping and freezing fresh herbs has never been easier. It collects and measures the herbs that are being stripped. Four separate sized holes fit any woody, stemmed herbs like rosemary, thyme and tarragon. Simply inserts the herb, root first, into the appropriate sized hold and pull through.

RSVP Red Silicone Slip-On Bowl Pour Spout This spout clips on well but you have to make sure its on tight enough or it will fall off .