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a woman with her hands on her head is holding her hair in front of her face
a woman standing on top of a snow covered slope
Sun vs. Snow: Models Hit the Slopes
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Sex Educator Eileen Kelly Has An IRL Sex and the City Closet
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a woman with a towel wrapped around her head and wearing a robe on top of her head
a woman holding two sandwiches in her hands on the beach with other people and buildings in the background
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Les reines de l’educació sexual arrasen a YouTube
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a woman standing on top of a sandy hill holding an inflatable pool ring
Models and Influencers Are All Flocking to Portugal's Coast This Summer
This Summer's New It Destination for Models and Influencers Is Portugal's Beaches Photos | W Magazine
a woman standing in front of a house with lots of greenery on the lawn
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a woman standing next to a metal fence
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Photo by @killerandasweetthang.-Wmag Casual Outfits, Sex And The City, Street Style
Are You There Instagram? It's Me, Eileen Kelly
Photo by @killerandasweetthang.-Wmag
a woman sitting on a bench drinking from a plastic cup with a straw in her hand
Travel - VICE
Eileen Kelly aka @killerandasweetthang is changing the way young women view sex. At the age of 20, the born and raised Seattleite currently lives in NYC and is hell bent on giving young women the sex education they never got. “It's basically everything I wish I had when I was 16.” She says, “I attended Catholic school and grew up without a mom, so I didn't have an environment to talk about sex or puberty openly, so when I moved to New York I decided to create that on an online platform.” Ha...
a woman wearing a t - shirt with a smiley face on it
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sooo much work but also so very thankful for all the support!! i love u guys ❤️ Just Girly Things, Vetements, Girly Things
sooo much work but also so very thankful for all the support!! i love u guys ❤️
two young women are dancing on the street
20 Messy Modish Styles for Fall - Ultimate Fashion Trends for Girls | Fashion's Girl