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a person bending over to pick up something from a planter in a garden area
Alison • Garden Designer on Instagram: “I can’t believe it’s been one whole year since I began making my lockdown IGTV videos back in March 2020. I didn’t have quite as many…”
a wire sculpture of a rabbit sitting on the ground next to a blue garage door
Gallery | Anna & The Willow
Gallery | Anna & The Willow
Isadora - dress form decoration
Difficulty: Easy What’s Needed: • Dress Form (bought on Amazon for $30) • Wire netting • Wire cutters • Floral accents/picks • Burlap • Ribbon • Floral (greening) Pins • Your Imagination and Personal Style :)
the words 10 faq's willow sculpture and craft are in front of a photo of
Sara Holmes answers 10 of her most FAQ's about willow sculpture work
willow sculpture 10 FAQ's
a woman made out of branches in the grass with her arms outstretched and legs spread wide
31 Creative Garden Art Ideas For A Stunning Outdoor Oasis - Lovely Harbor
31 Creative Garden Art Ideas for A Stunning Outdoor Oasis 4
a woman sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a dog sculpture with words written
ONLINE SCHOOL - WillowTwisters
Learn the art of willow sculpture. Learn how to make your own willow deer sculpture. Online course
two people working on an art project with the words how to prepare willow for sculpture and craft
How to prepare willow for sculpture & craft - TIPS & ADVICE - WillowTwisters
a man is working on an old metal object
Upcycled Garden Orbs
After our home burned, we had several rings left in the ashes we sifted - from our former wine barrels. I save them all, knowing that someday I would make some of those really neat garden orbs (you may have seen these in shops or on the Internet). Here is how we decided to make ours. They took very little time and are SO neat in the garden! We also tried to group rings together that were about the same size. Each wine barrel has 2-3 different size rings on it. It's best to make…
there is a sculpture made out of straw
Life-Size Woven Sculptures Into The Forests by Anna & the Willow