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the top 20 website's every teacher should know elementary level, including an info sheet
20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know
It is tough to get the time to look for excellent teaching materials, while you are still busy giving your kids the attention they need.
the four levels of voice levels
Management Monday: Classroom Voice Levels
Awesome ideas for noise level charts and hand signals - must do!
a ladybug themed sticker on a yellow wall with red dots and numbers
What's Your Magic Number?
Free shake and spill ladybug math mats for 4, 5, and 6 and a blank mat to fill in your own number.
there are several jars with pencils in them and one is filled with crayons
2 DIY Projects: Pop of Color and Mason Jar Storage
Organizing classroom supplies in a beautiful, easy-to-see way | What the Teachers Wants