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there is a blue liquid in a glass with two straws on the top and some lollipop sticks sticking out of it
Science Party Ideas & Printables - Party Like a Cherry
printable science activity for kids to learn how to build their own moleculae
10 ideeën voor een Mad Science kinderfeestje | Voormijnkleintje.nl
some glass bottles with straws and stickers on them
Mad Scientist Party
Amazon.com: mad scientist party
many different colored glasses are sitting on a yellow tablecloth with clear plastic wrap around them
Mad science party glasses
a science party flyer with an image of a flask
(Free Editable PDF) Colorful Science Party Invitation Templates For Your Little Scientist | Dolanpedia
two pink vases with black ribbon on them sitting next to each other in front of a wall
Pool noodle TNT. Cut pool noodle into thirds. Use black duct tape to tape together. Fuses are rope from Walmart, duct taped inside pool noodle.
there are two jars with liquid in them on the stove top, one is green and the other is black
there is a pink cup with some stickers on it that say lucy and two beakles
a glass jar filled with assorted colored straws
some type of chocolate bar sitting on top of a table
Who doesn't love chocolate?
several bottled water bottles with labels on them
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