Ek sou seker steeds Bollie skelmpies gelees het as ek kon, al is ek nou in my 40's!!

Bollie - kid's animated comic book story in Afrikaans.

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South Africa 1962 SG 221 Volkspele folk-dancing Fine Used SG 221 Scott 281 Condition Fine Used Only one post charge - I remember the "tikkie-draais" PDL 2017

Petrol prys

I guess this qualifies as an 'antique'.even the prices are 'antique'! Good old days, eh?

Die omslag van Pieter W. Grobbelaar en F. Lategan se Racheltjie de Beer en ander Afrikaanse Heldeverhale.

Rachel de Beer put her brother inside an anthill and covered him with her body dying of exposure (it was below freezing) thus saving him. Seems this story is only a myth loosely based on an incident in the USA or Canada.

Die stem

Die Stem van Suid Afrika - Old South African National Anthom.

Pruik, sê ek mos ook ...

Pruik, sê ek mos ook ...