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Granadilla sorbet

Read this delicious Granadilla (passion fruit) sorbet recipe and don't miss the beautiful food photographs and styling on Drizzle and Dip.

Rooibos Peach Punch.  Isn't it lovely?  Next summer, you will probably be drinking this at my house, only without the vodka.  If you want vodka in it, you'll have to bring your own.

Rooibos peach punch: strong rooibos tea, cooled peach juice at least vodka 1 lemon, thinly sliced handful fresh mint leaves 2 peaches, thinly sliced

In en om die huis: Rooibostee-Koeldrank

Growing your own Ginger Beer Plant and then making your own alcoholic Ginger Beer is easier than you might think. This article explains in detail how to go about it and what results you can expect to achieve.

Amarula - Nirvana by Chocolate Recipe

Nirvana by Chocolate by Martin van Oordt - Crushed ice 30 ml Amarula 3 scoops Woolworths Stracciatella Ice Cream 30 ml Stroh Rum Shavings of white and dark chocolate Count Pushkin Vodka Nachtmusik Chocolate Liqueur

Amarula Colada

The Amarula Colada is a cream colored drink made from Amarula cream liqueur, white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, and served in a highball glass with pineapple.

Suikervrye gemmerlimstroop - Idees

Sugar-free ginger ale syrup - I actually made this but added a simple syrup from coconut sugar I made. It's very ginger-y & delicious!