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a pink rug with green and white flowers on it
Natural Curiosities Paule Marrot - Open Flowers - Unframed
From the proprietary archives of legendary textile artist, engraver and painter Paule Marrot (1902-1987) comes this beautiful, wide-ranging collection of prints. Working primarily from 1920-1960, her rich colors and striking geometry put her at the heart of the Art Deco movement. Influenced by Renoir and writer Marcel Proust, Marrot captured the natural world in a simple, lyrical style that makes her work as engaging and contemporary today as it was during the height of her popularity. These are
a piece of cloth with green designs on it
Fragment | The Art Institute of Chicago
Italy - silk, satin weave voided velvet panel, c. 1600.
a blue and beige rug with an intricate design
KB, de nationale bibliotheek
Lithographed paper designed by Georg Rueter. Amsterdam, c.1910. [PC SERIE W 37]
a pink and green quilt with floral designs on the front, along with an orange border
Sunburst with Spiky Points
Cloud of Quilt Patterns: Sunburst with Spiky Points
an orange and blue rug with many different designs on the side, including flowers and leaves
Sale of the Vok Collection at Rippon Boswell - JOZAN
an open book with floral designs on it
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