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Gentleman's essentials

give someone a rugged travel outfit in a box with a camera like this and a open around the world plain ticket on top would be an AWESOME gift! (maybe in a cool old leather suitcase instead of a box as well, make it an all you need to go right now package)

Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun — 121 - Girls. Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun is our classic, biweekly, selection of photography of superbly gorgeous ladies and an unique tribute to Beauty.


"Take notice of what’s moving in the current" A talk with photographer Fox Harvard (nsfw) - C-Heads Magazine


Crème Caramel by Canada for Nowness - C-Heads Magazine

A day in the life, Zippora Seven. I was commissioned to make a film portraying a day in the life of my girlfriend. Here's an introspection i...

Terence Connors (Director/ Cinematographer) made a film portraying a day in the life of his gorgeous girlfriend, model Zippora Seven, starting off with some splendid sentences from the book Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman.

Margarita by Kayla Varley for C-Heads

Charlie Newman by Laura Jiménez for C-Heads - C-Heads Magazine


Laura Jiménez makes her debut on C-Heads starring gorgeous Charlie Newman at London .