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Got Water? Why dehydration is making you fat and sick. As a good rule of thumb you should try to drink oz of water for each pound of body weight. EX weight water needed/day


Large Website located in the UK, offers Bonsai Art, Species guides for Bonsai trees, Bonsai galleries and Bonsai Techniques.


you could add some fish to your water reclamation tank for a small aquaponics system. Grow a few plants to feed the fish and this forms a closed system. There is no need to fertilize, the fish do it for you! Permaculture at its finest!


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DIY three tier herb planter.

*Note: I like the idea of this. But make it out of wood square planter box. Container herb garden for a patio. I like this idea! I already have the pot arrangement, but it went empty this year.

How to cut a glass bottle in 30 sec. BETTER THAN YARN AND FINGERNAIL POLISH REMOVER. (Seriously, if you are planning to cut glass, do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this video that compares different methods on Pinterest. You'll be glad you did!)

Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds Perfect Edge Bottle Cutter This is the ONLY glass cutting method that cuts bottles perfect every time. A flaming string is not good. A blow torch is a BAD IDEA. Glass hammer will not work well.

DIY color tinted jars

color tinted glass jars -- Mix Mod Podge, water and food coloring in a small bowl. If you are doing just one small jar, about 1 TBSP of mod podge with a little less than TBSP of water is a good mix.

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again - pretty impressive DIY collection

Peppermint Herbal Mouthwash c. aloe vera juice (like this) c. water 1 tsp witch hazel (like this) 1 tsp baking soda 10 drops peppermint essential oil (like this)