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the words you are enough written in black on a white background
Yes Mom, You ARE Enough
On those days when you’re at the end of your rope and ready to give in? Remember that you are enough. And yes, it is okay if everything is not perfect. As moms, we need to remind ourselves- that yes, you are enough. We only have 24 hours in the day and we do the best that we can everyday. So yes, you are enough. #motherhood #motherhoodquote #sahm #momlife #momquote #quotesformoms
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an open book with the words, you not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself thank you
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a white background with the words you're losing her she's starting to imagine life without you in it and for the first time she's no longer afraid to walk away
You Lost Me...I Found Me...
a quote that says don't ever use someone's past against them
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Quotes If you want to know yourself, begin spending time alone, take yourself to dates, think alone
two hands holding each other with the words to doa forma de amor
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three hair pins with different colors on them sitting on top of a piece of paper
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karma quote on purple background with swirls and floral design in the center, which reads think good thoughts, say nice things, do good for others
X. It’s what’s happening