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Superman by Michael Turner

Superman the most well known superhero of all, even if you hate him you know who he is. Since I can remember Superman was my favorite of all superheroes. All these scenarios of "Superman versus ___" are pretty humorous really. Especially the.

Camping food - meatloaf wrapped in onion, wrapped in tinfoil and then thrown in the fire.

Connor my carnivore would love these ** ONION BOMBS CAMPING FOOD** large onions ground meat (I prefer turkey!) seasonings to taste (mine were like meatloaf tasting!) tin foil Directions: peel your onions and cut them in half as equally as po

Before you go, use this hunter’s gear checklist

Build a check list on the foundation established on the “Ten Essentials.” From the Ten Essentials I’ll add hunting specific items. Here is what to use for a baseline: